Exploring the Nexus of Family Businesses Management: Technological Diversification and Exploratory AI Innovation


  • Hanane ALLIOUI Ibn Tofail University, Morocco
  • Azzeddine ALLIOUI ESCA Ecole de Management, Morocco


: This extensive research examines the complex relationship that exists among family management, technology diversity, and enterprise-wide exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation. Family-managed enterprises, which are motivated by factors other than economic family interests and have a propensity to avoid risk, have characteristics that impede their participation in innovative AI endeavors. Various elements, including extended tenures of leadership, strong emotional ties to current assets, authority in decision-making, and deeply ingrained mental models, together contribute to a conservative stance that is resistive to the revolutionary possibilities that AI advancements provide. The research further emphasizes the crucial significance of technological diversification by defining a crucial differentiation between forms that are connected and those that are unrelated. Diversification into similar technologies may provide synergy possibilities; conversely, diversification into unrelated technologies adds costs, risks, and hinders the organization's capacity to respond to AI exploration. Additionally, the possible loss of control and the resulting need for external skills discourage family-managed enterprises from entering the ever-changing field of artificial intelligence. Amidst the rapid pace of digital development, it is crucial to comprehend the intricacies of technology diversification and family management. The study underscores the need of further inquiries into mitigating elements and exploring approaches that empower family-owned businesses to adapt to the changing requirements of AI innovation while maintaining their fundamental principles and socio-emotional well-being. The enduring success of such enterprises in the digital age will depend on their ability to uncover synergies between family-centric objectives and the ever-evolving potential of artificial intelligence (AI) while maintaining a delicate equilibrium between innovation and tradition.