Towards Introducing a New Concept for Standard Arabic


  • Mamon Suleiman ALGHANNAM Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates


Arab linguists offer a specific concept of classical Arabic (ALFUSSHA), as they have made determined signs (Aldhima, afatha, alkisra and alsikun) a prerequisite for classical Arabic language for it. This concept has led to a revolution in linguistic and grammatical authorship movement such as linguistic correction which means people must return to the old Arabic, and linguistic renew which sees that the Arabic language needs to renew itself, because of the Persistence and difficulty in its rules. This research paper seeks to present a new concept of the classical Arabic language that goes beyond the description of grammarians. As the concept of classical is limited to the structure not to the words. This paper depends on the descriptive approach in order to reach the goal by standing on models of classical in Arabic: The Holy Qur'an and the levels of the Arabic language now. The results of this study show that the grammar of the Arabic language is not a condition of the Arabic language, and explain that the colloquial in its context may be more understanding than the standard Arabic language, and these results reject accusations to the Arabic language as a language threatened with extinction.

KEYWORDS: Arabic Language, Renew Concept, Arabized classical, non-Arabized classical