Bibliometric Review Paper on Palatography


  • Elmira ESMAEELPOUR Alzahra University, Iran
  • Hamideh POSHTVAN Alzahra University, Iran
  • Mandana NOURBAKHSH Alzahra University, Iran


This study makes an attempt to convey a bibliometric investigation on the public trends in Palatography literature published from 1940 to December 2019. For doing so, in the first part of the paper, using the Scopus database, the keyword “palatography†and “palatograph†were searched in the title of the documents, keywords, and abstracts within all areas of disciplines. In the second part, the search pattern was limited to the domains of “Art and Humanities†and “Social Sciences†including Language and Linguistics from 2010 to 2020. The data was collected from Scopus freely accessed at Alzahra University, and network analysis of research outputs was carried out to analyze the research trends in the Palatography literature. The quantitative analysis of the publications, i.e. publication years, authors, keywords, countries and affiliation, citation per year, subject area, documentation type, were investigated in both parts. Based on the results, Palatography and its applications are fluctuating in recent years. The results show that documents with the focus on Palatography in “Art and Humanities†and “Social Sciences†have deteriorated in citation rate, as the authors were researching in multidisciplinary zones. The top research keywords in all publications investigated in the first part of our study concentrated on “speechâ€, “palateâ€, “articulationâ€, and “tongueâ€. While, as demonstrated in the second part, the main focus has been on “dentalâ€, “speechâ€, “palateâ€, and “phoneticsâ€. The trends of publications on Palatography provide a perspective on the future of research and identifies potential opportunities and challenges.

KEYWORDS: art and humanities, bibliometrics, dental, palate, palatography, social sciences



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