Medicine of the Future: The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in Healthcare


  • Julia M. PUASCHUNDER 1The New School, USA
  • Josef MANTL JMC – Josef Mantl Communications
  • Bernd PLANK JMC – Josef Mantl Communications


Access to healthcare, Advancements, AI, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Big data, Economic growth, Pandemic, Telemedicine


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Big Data revolutionized the world. Digitalization opened unprecedented opportunities and potentials in healthcare. No other scientific field grants as much hope in the determination of life and death and fastest-pace innovation potential with economically highest profit margin prospects as does medical care. The currently ongoing digital disruption enabled big data-driven tailored personal medical care. Efficiency, precision and better quality work are beneficial advancements of AI and big data in the healthcare sector. Decentralized preventive healthcare and telemedicine open access to personalized, affordable healthcare. The currently ongoing COVID-19 crisis draws attention to international differences in healthcare. The article presents digitalization in the healthcare sector in North America and Europe in order to derive inferences on opportunities to establish a leadership in digitalized, tailored healthcare solutions for individual well-being and public care.