Between Communalism and Individualism: Which Way Africa?


  • Peter Bisong BISONG Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar, Nigeria


Africa, communalism, individualism, values, tribalism


Due to its encounter with the outside world, Africa has lost and is on the verge of losing most of its traditional values. One of such cherished values is communalism. Since communalism is variously considered to be the distinguishing mark of Africa, many scholars advocate the reinvigoration or strengthening of communalism in Africa. Using the philosophical methods of critical analysis and textual studies, this paper took a deep look at this quest and find out that communalism is the problem of Africa and thus, recommended that it should be allowed to die out. The paper concludes that until Africa, shakes off the yoke of communalism and wears the apron of individualism, it will perpetually find itself unable to overcome the challenges facing contemporary African societies.

KEYWORDS: Africa, communalism, individualism, values, tribalism


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