Christianity - An Integral Part of European Culture and Identity


  • Cristinel-Mugurel POPA PhD(c), University of Bucharest, Romania


Regardless of the point from which we viewed or felt the unfolding of the events of history, we found ourselves in a space where we coexisted socially, politically, or religiously. No part of our continent was more European than another. In this evolution of the new European identity, all the members participated and felt each new stage. Thus, European current affairs are, to the same extent, part of the European’s concerns, and the upheavals, tensions, transformations are common aspects that correspond to the space of the "old continent." The calling card of Europe bears the signature of Christianity, which has made its way as a religion that has influenced social, political and religious life, with wide implications in areas of universal interest. The evolution of Christianity in history intersects with the historical evolution of Europe, an evolution that changed the whole world. KEYWORDS: Christianity, Culture, European identity