Migration: A Global Social Reality with Multiple Religious Implications


  • Răzvan Ionuț NEAGU University of Bucharest, Romania


Globally, migration is a social phenomenon that affects every country, either by sending migrants or receiving them. A closer look at history shows that since ancient times, this phenomenon has been closely linked to the human experience throughout its existence. At the same time, migration should not only be seen as a social phenomenon but also as the vehicle through which people, with all their values and beliefs, influence the society in which they live at any given time. This is also true for followers of the Christian religion who, either out of their own conviction or forced by the social order of the times in which they lived, came to influence people from all continents with their faith and values. Last but not least, attention will be drawn to the experience of the Son of God, who, by becoming incarnate in human nature, places himself in the position of one who is alienated from his native land. KEYWORDS: migration, foreigner, Christianity, religion, social space