The Gospel and the Impact of Eschatology on the Life of Society


  • Florin MATEI PhD(c), Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania


Eschatology played an important role in shaping the life of society and the stability of the Roman Empire. Its role was to shape society, but also to form social identities. When examining the history of the first century, we see how three eschatologies intersect: Jewish, imperial, and Christian, each with its own social, political, economic and also religious goals. Christian eschatology, of those listed, proposes a new understanding at the social level in the way it redefines human identity in preparation for the parousia, but also to define how Christians will perform their social duties in a hostile environment. The apostle Paul's understanding, through the use of the metaphor of adoption, will offer new eschatological and social identity perspectives for Christians living in a social setting marked by rival identities, but will also offer perspectives that go beyond the earthly sphere. KEYWORDS: identity, church, eschatology, social, parousia