Life in Freedom after Detention for Former Convicts in Italy


  • Bogdan PETRE PhD Student,“1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania
  • Mihai HIMCINSCHI Prof. Ph.D.Habil., “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania


This article presents the work of rehabilitation and social integration of prisoners and former prisoners in Italian detention facilities. It describes the efforts of voluntary associations and the Catholic Church, in collaboration with territorial cooperatives, to mediate between the restrictive system and the real world of work. The article describes how churches in Rome and Bologna, in partnership with local industries, employed and trained prisoners, providing them with job opportunities after imprisonment toward real integration into society. The Church is concerned with the moral aspect, without which the temptation to return to a life of ease and immediate gain would be almost impossible in the society of Italy in an economic crisis. The missions of the Orthodox Church in Italy follow these models to help Romanian prisoners with prize permits and other facilities towards release. KEYWORDS: rehabilitation, reintegration, former convicts, church mission, good practices