Progressing Attitude towards Sustainability: The Developmental Role of Open Sciences on Open Educational Resources in the MENA Region


  • Samah NASSAR Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication & Mass Media British University in Egypt, Cairo, Egypt


Open science is crucial for researchers as it entails sharing all the research methods and their results in an entire project. This research focuses on the issues of Open Science Resources directing its focus specifically to the MENA region and the global stakeholders, aiming to assist them in developing structured practices and policies. Therefore, ensuring long-term sustainability and completeness in the education system. However, problems emanate from the negative publicity surrounding publishing services within the subject-field practices. The data collected through a questionnaire conducted by the researcher under methodology will help focus the research on providing evidence to prove the role Open Education Resources (OERs), played in the MENA region. The research also looks at the recommendations addressing the need for necessary infrastructure to facilitate and make open education practices more sustainable to communities. The data on OERs deemed reusable and accessible will aid the MENA region in achieving its sustainable development goals in the long run. These elements will go a long way in designing the necessary support to lower the barriers to research outputs and facilitate potential secondary researchers’ access to existing resources. The region will reuse and repurpose the data and eventually realize additional research opportunities. Research integrity will also adhere to as researchers tend to act honestly and reliably, and a conducive environment will be created that reflects the Open Science agenda. KEYWORDS: open educational resources, sustainable development goals, MENA region, open sciences