Understanding and Addressing Environmental Challenges


  • Mirela MACELARU Medical School, Osijek, Croatia
  • Mirta LULIĆ A.G. Matoša Gymnasium, Đakovo, Croatia


The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about the multifaceted dimensions of global environmental challenges beyond the commonly known factors of CO2 emissions and greenhouse effects. The article delves into less recognized yet alarming factors contributing to rapid environmental changes, such as methane and aerosol emissions. Additionally, the impact of deforestation on ocean ecosystems, radiative forcing, permafrost thawing, and the weakening of the Gulf Stream current are discussed, shedding light on the interconnectedness of various environmental phenomena. The consequences, ranging from sea-level rise to disruptions in biodiversity, are examined in detail, emphasizing the potential for climate refugees and the threats posed to human health, agriculture, and freshwater resources. The article concludes by highlighting the intricate relationship between climate change and the decline of essential pollinators like bees, underscoring the broader implications on global food security and the potential for armed conflicts arising from environmental stressors. KEYWORDS: Climate, environmental awareness, global warming, CO2 emissions, greenhouse effects, climate refugees, climate stress factors