A Historical and Contextual Case for Modular and Transnational Education: The Baptist Theological School in Serbia


  • Dwayne BALDWIN Ph.D. (cand.), Aurel Vlaicu University, Arad, Romania


Modular and transnational educational delivery are two types of structures for theological schools that often are found together, especially in theological schools outside of the West. Many examples of positive and negative aspects of each of these have been presented in literature and research. Some of these examples have come from the experience of educators at non-Western schools, while others have approached the subject from a contextual and theoretical basis. This article seeks to show the need and usefulness of modular transnational education by analyzing the history and context of a theological school. To this end, the example of the Baptist Theological School in Serbia will be considered with the goal of evidencing the natural suitability and benefits of modular lay education as well as transnational instructors.