Toward Marital Holiness as a Christian Value


  • Cristian SANDU Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania


Holiness, marriage, family, Christian values, Christian existence


From a Christian standpoint, marital holiness is a topic that traces its origins back to the very act of creation, as told in the book of Genesis. God is the one who creates the first family, and the expectation thereof is that the resulting relationship between man and woman is characterized by holiness. However, considering the multiplication of contemporary controverted notions of what family is, we ought to ask once again: what holiness means in the context of marriage? This question is addressed in this essay from a biblical perspective. It is argued that the marriage relationship, as intended by the Creator, goes beyond satisfying one’s need for a life in companion. It is, in fact, the very means by which the human community, of which the family is its most basic cell, portrays God’s image. As such, marital holiness ought to be regarded as a fundamental Christian value.