A Century-Old Yet Topical Controversy - Euthanasia


  • Angela VLAD (CHIRVĂSUȚĂ) PhD Student in the field of Sociology within the University of Bucharest, Romania


The paper focuses on the main ideas conveyed in articles and specialized theses on euthanasia, the principles that either support or combat it, the morality of the new permissive legislation in the field and the reasons why certain behaviors related to the end-of-life option are vehemently criticized today and cataloged as deviants in some countries. The debate on euthanasia has been of increasing interest lately, especially as medical technological advances have led to notable changes in the age structure of populations. More and more people with debilitating conditions have vital functions maintained artificially or they are resuscitated, even when they do not appreciate the quality of their own life. By the end of the twentieth century, all these aspects came to the attention of sociologists, who began to analyze the implications of technological and normative changes in the evolution of social relations. Some people consider there is a right for everyone to decide how they depart from this world, and according to others, claiming this right is a fundamental sin over the divine gift, life.