Integrated Management System in Education


  • Salome CHKHEIDZE IMS Manager, Independent Auditor of Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Business Administration PhD Student, Georgian American University, Georgia


The importance of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) is growing more and more for organizations. Interest in this subject indicates that IMS is seen as "management systems of the future." IMS is one of the most effective tools to lead effectively and make processes in the organization fluent. According to that, the aim of this article characterizes the possibility of building IMS through the identification of common elements and specific requirements by the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 professional references. Part of the article is the methodology of building IMS in the educational organization. To achieve this aim, the author will try to demonstrate the importance of an integrated management system in the frame of quality management and occupational health and safety in the educational organization. An Integrated Management System (IMS) includes all aspects of an organization’s systems, processes, and standards into one smart system. This system allows a business to have effective management tools, save time and increase efficiency. IMS is a combination of all elements as one whole system.