The Church as a Prophet in the Contemporary Market


  • Sorin BADRAGAN, PhD Baptist Theological Institute, Bucharest


Church, prophet, postmodernity, proclamation, world, ministry


Recently there have been cases of challenging encounters of enthusiastic Christians with government authorities which severed evangelistic and open discourse about Christian values in Western Europe and North America. After failing with her function as priest and king, the church has the opportunity as well as the responsibility to be the voice of God in a tumultuous contemporary market. Following the profile of a biblical prophet, the church is called to be a prophet as God still wants to talk to his world; also as the community and the sign of the kingdom of God, the church is a herald and a prophet in the contemporary market. Although for various reasons the church has not been very active in fulfilling this role, it can be prophetic by proclaiming the word from God and being a transformed community.