The Difficulties in Social Communication of Elderly People in Romania


  • Georgeta STOICA-MARCU Associate Professor, PhD, Universitatea Ovidius from ConstanČ›a, Romania


communication, elderly people, social communication


Communication in social processes means that all the social phenomenon also imply a social communication process, whether it is about a relationship, interaction, exchange, exerting power, control or influence by the communities, by groups, by structures, or by social functions. In our case, the elderly are a social category very vulnerable people with many social communication problems. The social communication disorder can result in many problems for elderly people, including difficulty participating in social settings. Social structures are stabilized interactions, in which communication processes intercede directly and sometimes decisively, formatively or destructively; as such, you can say that communication is a cultural and socio-communicational ensemble (Stoica-Marcu 2013, 128). The social communication difficulty includes difficulty in interacting with family, friends other people around them and social isolation in the different moments of social necessity.