The Translation of Euphemisms for Genitals in the Quran


  • Osama Abdulrhman ALQAHTANI Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia


The Quran is looked upon as the holiest and most sacred book in Islam. The issue of its translation continues to generate debate as to whether or not it is translatable. This paper investigates the translation from Arabic into English across three different translations of euphemisms for genitals in the Quran. The study consists of four different euphemisms for genitals within the Holy Quran. The paper aims to establish the degree of accuracy in terms of the meaning of the three translations compared to the source text. It also aims to establish the reasons behind any inaccuracies in these translations, and whether or not any such inaccuracy was a result of the translation approach adopted or a result of an inadequate understanding of the Quranic euphemism. The application of the theoretical framework used in this study was to justify the use of a number of references for the purpose of analysis. The three translations examined in this study are the English translations by Khan and Al-Hilali, Abdel Haleem, and Arberry. KEYWORDS: Translation, Euphemism, Quran