The Parents’ Maintenance Obligation towards the Minor Child and the Descendant over the Age of Majority Pursuing Their Studies in Romanian Law


  • Ciprian Raul ROMITAN Lecturer, PhD “Romanian-American” University, Faculty of Law; Lawyer Partner SCA „ROS si Asociatii”


According to the provisions of the Romanian Civil Law, the child is entitled to a standard of living fostering their physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. The responsibility to ensure the best living conditions required for the child’s growth and development rests with the parents or, as applicable, with the legal custodians. In this regard, the parents are bound to provide a dwelling for their child, as well as the conditions required for the growth, education, learning, professional training of the same, as well as a healthy living environment. The maintenance obligation rests with both parents, regardless of whether they are the biological, adoptive parents, or whether they are married, divorced or if they have children outside the marriage and it is granted to the minor up to the age of 18 (the majority age), and, if they are still pursuing their studies, up to graduation, without, however, exceeding the age of 26. KEYWORDS: maintenance obligation, alimony, need state, pursuing of studies, parents, minor child, descendant over the age of majority