Juvenile Delinquency Bio-Psycho-Social Bases of Deviance


  • Nicoleta-Elena HEGHES Professor PhD“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University of Bucharest, Faculty of Juridical and Administrative Sciences, Bucharest, Romania
  • Cristina-Gabriela SCHIOPU Dr. Institute of Psychiatry ”Socola” Iasi, Romania


Although juvenile delinquency is a social and legal phenomenon, it is an individual act with individual characteristics in a concrete situation. Behavioral alterations are the basic elements of deviance and delinquent activity, and, in young people, these alterations are intense even in persons with balanced social, emotional, familial and material status. Important alterations are usually caused by defect internal and external stimulation leading to behavior disorders. In adolescents, behavioral disorders are usually persistent and repetitive actions as a response to a disrupted interaction between the child and his environment but cause damages to social and moral values. Therefore, juvenile delinquency is a multidisciplinary, complex phenomenon with disproportional relation between the biological elements, external stimuli, and internal emotional and psychological management of these elements. KEYWORDS: behavior, disorder, deviance, adolescents, socio-psychology, delinquency