NATO Security Policy – Georgian National Values


  • Tamar KUPREISHVILI Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Law and International Relations, Georgia


After gaining the independence Georgia has made a choice in favor of democracy, which implies a great difficulty, risks, challenges and threats to a small state and demands adequate responses. The internal political processes of the country depend on changing situation of the international arena. The existing threats and challenges made it necessary to establish a fundamental document - National Security Concept, which would be based on the democratic course of Georgia, national values and the elaboration of effective security mechanisms for its own people. The important vector of security policy of Georgia is directed towards the integration of the North Atlantic Alliance and the EU integration and strengthening of foreign relations, for which various strategic actions are undertaken such as participation in security operations and bilateral or multilateral cooperation that reduces political and military risks and correlates with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Striving to NATO and finally, its membership ensures the spread of democratic values and Establishment of the supremacy of law. On the way to the integration of the Alliance - the form of democratic arrangement of the state is one of the main prerequisites. Georgia is gradually improving the country’s political environment in order to achieve this goal to maintain stability and to support the supremacy of law, which is the cornerstone of democracy.