The Concept of Trust in Criminal Law – The Need for a Standard


  • Camil TÄ‚NÄ‚SESCU ”Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University of Bucharest


abusive manifestations, business relations, need for safety, sanctions, trust


Confidence, as the theme of interpersonal relations, business relations, relations between state institutions and citizens, must always be under the protection of the law. Considering that, anywhere in the world, confidence is affected and jeopardized by misleading, misleading, abusive behavior, States have an obligation to adopt common measures to defend this safety need by setting limits within to whom people manifest themselves freely. The freedom of the will of persons is reflected in their actions, which must not exceed the standard adopted and imposed by the states. Thus, trust must be recognized as a value protected by criminal law, becoming a special object of facts that exceed the accepted limit, leading to the adoption of a conduct as a result of sanctioning the changes and actions to the contrary.