The Impact of Globalization and Trade on Africa


  • Samuel Akpan BASSEY University of Calabar
  • Mfonobong David UDOUDOM School of General Studies,University of Nigeria
  • Timothy Adie OKPE Department of Philosophy,University of Calabar


African countries, globalization, Trade


The phrase globalization grasps the attention of everyone and especially economic development researchers. However, in spite of the prior prosperity promises of globalization, trade and the benefits of an information accessing society, the subsequently benefits arguably have not been said to universal and global inequality has increased. Some studies reveal that globalization has widened the gap between rich and poor countries in its persistent progression while others are uncertain about its effect. Although the idea of globalization had steadily been developed since the Second World War, its impact gained energy in the early 1990s; Africa has not been spared from the implication of this experience. The purpose of this article is to examine the impact and salient issues concerning globalisation and trade on African countries. Despite liberalisation of trade which has many negative issues as well as the positive ones. This paper is of the opinion that and controlled liberalisation must be seen as the only way forward.