• Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru ‘Timotheus’ Brethren Theological Institute of Bucharest


Change involves replacing one thing with another and even if it may seem very simple, in reality, things are much more complicated. Generally, the man in society wants to change the world, but he thinks less about changing himself. Man gets to be content when someone tells him that he has remained unchanged, considering that change is just one thing for those who have no clear ideas about life. Man is willing to make external changes, which really do not have much value, but only by changing the interior there is the real change. In society, we all need changes in the inner level of thought and then of behavior. Although giving up evil things is tough, it is very necessary. Generally, people honor in public what they have practiced for years in their private lives. It is difficult to change others, that is why the most important thing is the change of mentality and behavior because changing the world, the social framework, begins with its own change.