• Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru ‘Timotheus’ Brethren Theological Institute of Bucharest


The society in which we live and do our work is the result of the conscious and deliberate behavior of those who compose it. In view of this approach, this does not mean that the individuals who compose it have signed contracts, conventions, agreements, by virtue of which they founded the human society. Social cooperation is nothing more than the fruit of some actions that reproduce it over and over, every day, seeking nothing else but the cooperation and help of others to achieve certain specific results. In other words, society is nothing but the ensemble of complex mutual relations created by such concerted actions. Society exchanges relationships in the sense that it prioritizes collaboration instead of the isolated existence of the individuals that compose it. At the same time, society is also a division and combination of work in different ways. The individual, the person, lives and acts in society, which is nothing but the association of individuals for joint activities or cooperation in various social projects. Thus, society will always find itself in the actions of individuals, making it a mistake to seek it out of the action of the individuals that compose it (Ludwig von Mises 1998, 143).