The Educator as a Role Model within the Community: An Analysis of the Leader's Speech in the Book of Samuel


  • Samuel Florin BÎRLE PhD (c), “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania


The final speech given by Samuel to mark the passing from a theocratic to a monarchical regime is distinguished by a strategy of motivation to obedience, following his personal example. The community thus has the opportunity to meditate on the fact that they are changing a leadership system represented by a person of integrity that has honorably undertaken their leadership tasks. By means of this strategy, Samuel’s generation benefited from the example of their leader to whom they could relate to, and whose faith could be followed in circumstances of social transition. The description of the immaculate journey of the leader using rhetorical techniques is displayed by presenting a living example that refers to the fact that faithfulness is achievable with respect to Yahweh's perfect commandments in Deuteronomy and has the role of convincing the nation that their request for a king was sinful.